Afflictive Seclusion

by Bleak Revelation

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Recorded in December 2014 at HH Studios and Gate 32 Studio, Sofia, Bulgaria.

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"Bleak Revelation take elements from the UK Doom Death, the '70's Psychedelic Doom, the current wave of Doom Metal, and of course a bit of Death Metal and even a hint of Gothic Rock, so I'm sure this album will appeal to a wide range of fans of this genre."

Pest Webzine (Romania), 8.5/10


"The album is exceptionally colorful, and this is shown for example in tracks like "Enslaved" and "Defied By Clouds": the first throws the eye towards the black symphonies of the earliest times, the second offers short outbursts of pure death metal. "Clarity" and "As If" are rather different because of their caustic wickedness due to the harsh vocals - their ruthlessness is hardly ignorable, while the short "Perished" can give us a few moments of headbanging."

Aristocrazia Webzine (Italy)


"What's cool about Bleak Revelation is that their intellectualized and highly polished sound represents a sort of coming of age of the Eastern European scene. They have an iconoclastic sound and they have been able to refine their sorrowful noise into something that will crush your soul."

Two Guys Metal Reviews (USA)


"There is a whole bunch of simple, catchy riffs and a lot of melodic solos, which further diversify the material. You can clearly hear that boys are also no stranger to Gothic or Dark metal. Just relax - there are no sad wistful melodies for lonely teenage girls - only true metal music."

MetalRulez Webzine (Poland), 7/10


"We can easily smell the music direction: a material that will certainly be appreciated by fans of Saturnus, October Tide or Novembers Doom."

Let's Rock Webzine (Romania), 8/10

"...and if you also see a hand in the darkness, pointing accusingly at you - this means it's time to blow the last candle."

MetalHall Webzine, 8.8/10


"The song 'Perished' clearly shows the New Wave and Disco potential of those musicians - a thing that I really like."

The Other Side Webzine, 9/10


"The track 'Perished' is a total riff salad including some nice vocal duels and 'Clarity' simply pulls your teeth without anaesthesia thanks to its original harmonized riff and Anton Andonov's insane screams."

Pro-Rock Magazine (Bulgaria), 7/10


"Bleak Revelation describe their genre as „Extreme metal with doom influences“, but the amount of extremity is actually very well-measured. The doom vibe is not too suffocating for the listener either. The clean vocals create an epic, viking-like atmosphere and the brilliant guitar leads of Alexander paint pictures and tell stories, leaving an impression of gentleness and beauty."

Metal Hangar 18 Webzine, 8/10


released March 5, 2015

Produced, mixed and mastered by Déhà.
All music and lyrics by Bleak Revelation.
Band photos by Temz Arabadjieva.
Artwork and layout by Nikolas Petras (Ouroboros Creative).



all rights reserved


Bleak Revelation Sofia, Bulgaria

A melodic death/doom metal band from Sofia, Bulgaria.

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Track Name: As If
Entering the forest of eternity
As the moon merges with the sky
Worn and tired, thirsty, hungry
A touch upon whispers of hope

And there it is - the light of blue
It appears on the firmament
As if I am born again
Yes, I am reborn

Solitary soul like me
Peregrinate the wilderness
Darkness is my companion
In this time of seclusion

Thousand years have past
Yet I'm still alive
Hunter of my own reflection
Neverending sacrifice
Track Name: Enslaved
Time has come for me
A journey far away
So you come with me
An everlasting fellowship

Enslaved by my own mind
I travel to a place I don't belong
Seeing through destiny
Chasing shadows, shadows of the night

I don’t know what is up ahead
And this single soul’s never free
Wreathed by mysterious wings
A fiction to dark and real

Undivided day and night
Deception of the eternal chains
And I know these bonds we share
Will be our future's every truth
Track Name: Egotistic Considering
Hear my words as we speak
Trust me and you'll not regret
My desires are filling me
Every time, more and more

What is this curse that I bear
Another egotistic considering

To me it seems like love
You give and I take
Concept is so unclear
It is my way of definition

My life's ripped and torn
And this madness is overwhelming me
This world is a cruel place
You live and die in vain
Track Name: Perished
Go back!

Visions part their way
Shadows appear again
Wishing that you were here
Salvation far away

Do you hear the vultures
Calling your name
Meet the hooded menace
Die in pain

Forgotten promises
Bind me in a circle
Trying to resist
Crushed by destiny

Do you hear the vultures
Calling your name
Meet the hooded menace
Die in pain

There is no room to escape
Abandon all hope
The candle of your life
Shall be extinguished

Go back!

Visions, again these visions
Hands of dark and light
Pointing at me, pale ghosts
Now I can see the endless light
Track Name: Clarity
Deep in my mind wild fires raging
Stealing away all my sanity

You're all alone

Those memories from my darkened past
Are more painful than my insane dreams

A grip of sorrow again
Clear thoughts burn me within
Haunted by this for too long
But now I see all I loved

Silently suffocating
Staring at you with an empty glare

No one's there

Intents hidden, still intoxicating
In my darkest hour no room for sentiment

All of these memories, messengers of the past
They tried to warn me, yet I failed to grasp
Now is the hardest part, I’ve seen this before
There’s one option only – no mistakes, nevermore
Till' now only a dream, of those who thought
Thought they were living, but they were really not
I maybe even sought, even searched for this
Don’t care I know, understand all I missed
Track Name: Defied By Clouds
Exposed fiction
Living inside a dream
Envy and jealousy
Drives you insane
You scream

These chains of darkness
Bind all pictures of pain
A black hole consumes
Everything you cared for

Go away
Defied by clouds

Insane poetry
Going in circles forever
Heretic thoughts
Pass through your mind
You fail

Tragedy strikes their world
Ignorance crawls in their veins
Love and serenity perished in doom

Lurking in these tired eyes
You find nothing but pain
Silence has drowned your ambitions

Child’s birth
Misbelieving your dreams
They fade
The whore master
Has a disciple in pain

Crafting your future
Destroying your past and dreams
All your beliefs erased
You lived in vain